"Branding Workwear Solutions"

Let us guide you and quote you

Welcome to our page on branding your workwear & uniform orders - for our first time customers. 

Custom Embroidery & Print Workwear & Uniforms NZ

Getting a Quote.
We require 5 minutes of your time to answer some questions and at the end of the questions we will ask you for a logo upload (essential).  It will help us if you can advise the quantity of items likely required of each product type, and the code of products that you prefer, and garment colours, so be sure to have browsed the products and made a note of the codes.
Artwork types
preferrably an .eps (fully editable artwork) or .pdf (often editable content within) but a .png or .jpeg will do initially, to give us sight of artwork, so as to best assess the interpretations necessary.


Your branding solution options

With in-house branding facilities and near 30 years expertise - once we have sight of your organisations logo(s) we will recommend the best value solution, most suitable sizing and the most practical process for your branding to provide 2 important factors;
Ease of repeat ordering, with no minimum quanitites.
Suggest cost effective processes where we can remove the need for design/process set up costs when repeat ordering. **

Did you know....?
 Whilst embroidery is perceived as a more expensive option, it is often cheaper than screen printing ! Embroidery is not factored by the number of colours, (as screen printing) but the number of stitches....
Up to 15 colours in any one design with embroidery.
With embroidery we operate multi-head machines producing up to 8 garments/logos at a time.
Printing - is a single colour/item at a time process.
Do you know....?
There are 4 very different print processes
available to produce your branding...
Once we have sight of artwork we can gauge your options and advise if we have 1, 2, 3 or even all 4 options to produce your logo style

** subject to receipt of fully editable artwork

Custom Embroidery & Print Workwear & Uniforms NZCustom Embroidery & Print Workwear & Uniforms NZCustom Embroidery & Print Workwear & Uniforms NZCustom Embroidery & Print Workwear & Uniforms NZ