Uniform Contract Supply or Easy Repeat Uniform Ordering Portal

Easy Repeat Uniform Ordering Portal

Our no additional cost service, for easy repeat ordering involves your very own ordering access portal. We value all our customers regardless of their size and strive to to keep ordering simple for all.

We will build and host your very own ordering portal, for multi-site ordering or regular orders to one branch.  By regular we mean 3+ times a year....

Where individuals have authority via purchase ordering protocols to order for multi sites, we can provide you with back end reporting from our system for transparency of each cost centres' ordering history, future budgeting etc.

Contract Supply

Working with the biggest brands across Oceania Pacific and ensuring those brands meet our expectations of supply and stock support levels, we don't limit ourselves to any one brand so can scope across all our partners to ensure your budgetary constraints can be met - the source of supply is constant - the quality of products meets contractual obligations.

Our in-house embellishment processes enable us to have the flexibility to react to your requirements.  

In conjunction with the major brands we collaborate in order to ensure we work as a team; client - provider - supplier, so all parties expectations are satisfied.  Depending on your organisations needs, the number of sites, staff numbers and regularity of uniform replenishment required we have the means to contractually enter agreements to meet service standards and stock support your requirements.

Managing Director, Scott Arlett boasts 27 years experience supporting SME and Large businesses, factories and venues with their uniform supply where continuity of supply, quality of product, speed of service are all pre-requisites. 

For a no obligation chat for contract supply - discussing the mechanics - drop an introduction e-mail to scott@scarletbranding.co.nz