Bisley Workwear for Women

by Scott Arlett


Bisley have done their homework, got the materials right and paid attention to detail on the functional fit necessary for Women's Workwear. With their FLX & MOVE™ range coupled with their specific comprehensive selection for Women, they have ticked the box for Kiwi Ladies on site.

We have 9 specific women's categories for trades - click here to view

We have chosen to feature most of Bisley's Women's range on our site, with separately categorised areas to help your shopping experience pin point what you are looking for.

Stock - most is stock supported from NZ Warehousing, but there are some items we choose to feature here in NZ, but stock comes from Australian warehousing and can be up to 8-10 working days to reach us.  We are a smaller commercial market here in NZ versus the larger warehousing of our friends across the Tasman. 

We order from Bisley NZ daily, to keep on top of our ever rotating stock and sometimes unpredictable orders.  Australian warehouse dispatches to us twice weekly. 

Prices - we aim to be the best, and being proudly independent we work hard to check we have the keenest prices.  Where our site states "Exclusive Web Special Price" we have checked our competitors and shown that our price is the lowest with the "Exclusive Web" tag.  The saving/comparison will also be shown in %.

Sizes - size charts are available in most of the featured product images - simply flick through the images until you come across the size chart, or we have the details within the product description.

Should you require a product from the Bisley range, that we are not featuring on the website store, we can order for you, from either NZ or Australian stock holding.  You can download the Women's specific brochure here. is where you will find us, let us know the quantity, size and colour and most importantly the SKU (product code) and we will let you know availability, price and lead time.

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